Emergency Ward XK-72

Sue: How many Terry Nation episodes is it now?

Me: This is Terry’s tenth script in a row.

Sue: I’ll be the one having a breakdown if this goes on much longer.

The Liberator is cruising through space…

BreakdownSue: Ooh, they’re pushing the boat out with a half-decent model this week. That’s nice.

On the flight deck, Gan is behaving very strangely indeed.

Sue: Is he having a stroke?

Me: The bells! The bells!

Sue: The chip in his head must have shorted out. See, I have been paying attention to this nonsense.

A crazed Gan attacks Jenna.

Sue: This is you when our broadband stops working, only you beat up the router instead.

Blake is the next victim of Gan’s violent assault.

Sue: Gan looks like a really mean Elvis when he curls his lip like that. Nice handheld camera work, though. We’re right in the middle of the action. I like it.

Blake’s crew subdues the giant oaf with some tranquillisers.

Sue: It’s too late for nicotine patches now.

Gan is in a bad way.

Sue: Aww, poor Gan. Unless this is what he’s like when he doesn’t have that thing in his head, in which case, I hope Gan dies.

Gan is taken to the Liberator‘s medical unit.

BreakdownSue: Why is this part of the ship on film?

Me: I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s something to do with them having to use up their filming allocation every episode or else they’d lose it.

Sue: Typical BBC bureaucracy. They should have done a deal with Doctor Who and come to some kind of arrangement to save some cash by sharing things. At least they’ve cleaned it up a bit. They could release this on Blu Ray. Well, this scene anyway.

Cally tends to Gan.

Sue: I had a curly perm like Cally’s. They were all the rage back then. She could do with some product in it, though; it’s looking a bit flat. I don’t know what it is about Cally but she reminds me of a miserable, anorexic Jamie Lee Curtis.

Avon chastises Blake for suggesting that Zen could give them a quick tutorial in brain surgery.

Avon: Oh, come on, Blake! This is not something you do by numbers, not even highly sophisticated ones. This is an area that has remained the exclusive province of specialists.

Sue: Avon is so cool. He says every line as if it’s his last. I still can’t quite believe that Paul Darrow said my name on a podcast; so much better than speaking to Tom Baker on QVC. I’d love to meet Paul Darrow in real life. I bet he’d be a right laugh.

The ship’s medical computer delivers its diagnosis.

Medibot: Severe neurological disturbance centered in the zero three zone sub four section of the cerebrum.

Sue: So is that computer one of the crew now, like Zen? Is that seven now?

Me: Don’t be ridiculous.

Sue comes up with the perfect solution to Gan’s predicament.

Sue: Just turn him off and back on again.

BreakdownMe: Turning Gan on is the last thing you want to do. Trust me.

Gan repeatedly clenches his fist.

Sue: Was Gan a dairy farmer in a previous life? Is he dreaming that he’s milking a cow?

Blake and Avon look for the nearest space hospital which specialises in space medicine for space diseases. In space.

Sue: It must have taken them ages to set up that perspex map. I bet they wasted hours getting it to stand up properly. No wonder Gan is almost dead.

Avon suggests that they head for a secret space laboratory called XK-72, even though it’s situated on the far side of some prohibited space.

Blake: Zen. Set navigation computers for direct route to space laboratory XK-72. Speed Standard by Six.

Sue: Make it Speed Standard by Seven – it’s quicker and your friend is dying. Or are you worried about being caught for speeding. Get a bloody move on!

The Liberator alters its course.

Sue: If that’s Standard by Six, I’d hate to see Standard by One. You could walk quicker than that. Look at it! It’s pathetic! Why doesn’t the ship go WHOOSH! as it rushes by. Come on!

BreakdownZen is his usual helpful self.

Zen: Attention. Liberator is entering prohibited zone. All primaries and auxiliary computer functions are now aborted.

Sue: What a ****.

Vila: What you see on the screen is exactly what’s there. Absolutely nothing. Why should I find nothing terrifying?

Sue: Because you’re a dick?

Me: Still no love for Vila, I see.

Sue: He’s growing on me. The problem with Vila is that he isn’t a real character. He’s a joke. A walking comedy cliché. I need to see another side to him before I can take him seriously.

Avon suddenly realises that they’ve made a grave error of judgement.

Blake: Because computer control is –

Avon: – part of the basic design concept!

Sue: Could we have that in English, please?

BreakdownMe: I think it means they’re too stupid to fly the ship without Zen’s help.

Sue: Now that I believe.

The Liberator tears through space…

Sue: One minute it’s a nice model, then it’s a cartoon. One minute we’re on video, and now we’re on film. There’s no consistency to Blake’s 7. It’s all over the place.

Back in the medical unit, Gan begins to stir.

Sue: Do I really have to look at Gan’s sex face? It’s putting me off my tea.

Me: If I ever form a band, remind me to call it Gan’s Sex Face.

Avon attempts to bypass Zen’s auxiliary computer systems.

Blake: Have you done it, Avon?

Avon: I can talk or I can work, but I can’t do both.

Sue: Avon can’t multi-task. Typical bloke. Get one of the women to do it!

Blake: Reduce to standard by three, Jenna.

Sue: That’s about 3 miles per hour, give or take.

Me: Or 80 billion spatials a second.

Sue: Terry ****ing Nation.

BreakdownGan shows us his world-famous impression of a pig, which miraculously ceases when Cally returns to the medical unit.

Sue: He’s acting like he’s been caught masturbating.

Sue doesn’t trust Gan any more.

Sue: If he can control his urges like that, he can’t be that ill. He’s just a raving sex pest at the end of the day.

Gan strangles Cally with a massive grin on his face.

Sue: That was horrible! Now I understand why we don’t have a cat called Gan. It’s the same reason we don’t have a cat called Peter Sutcliffe.

Gan’s next victim is Avon.

Sue: Blake’s crew is ****ing useless, especially when you consider what they’re trying to do. Which, incidentally, is what I want to see instead of this bullshit. I want to see Blake taking on Earth and clearing his name, and maybe blowing some stuff up. This is just filler.

Me: (singing) ‘Cause this is filler, filler night…

Have I mentioned that I’ve been drinking heavily throughout this episode?

Jenna is worried about a nearby gravitational vortex.

BreakdownSue: The hand-on-hip acting is off the scale in this episode.

Even Avon has had enough.

Avon: I’m finished. Staying with you requires a degree of stupidity of which I no longer feel capable.

Blake: Now you’re just being modest.

Sue: That was ****ing brilliant. Who needs Travis as your arch-enemy when you’ve got Avon standing next to you.

The Liberator enters the gravitational vortex.

Jenna: Standard by Twelve, still rising.

Sue: Standard by Twelve! **** me! I didn’t know that the ship could go that fast! Why have they been pissing about with Standard by Seven all this time. Put your bloody foot down!

The crew are attacked by a sheet of Mirrorlon, which, I’m surprised to learn, Sue has never encountered before.

Me: You work in TV Studio production and you’ve never wobbled a sheet of Mirrorlon at anyone? Wow.

Sue: Neil, it’s the 21st century. Things have moved on quite a bit since Blake’s ****ing 7. And besides, a sheet of tin foil is much cheaper.

When the Liberator arrives at XK-72, Blake tries to pass himself off as a Federation captain.

Blake: Tell them we’re an experimental ship out of Earth on a proving flight.

Sue: Whatever you do, don’t tell them I’m a convicted child molester. That never goes down well.

Jenna has dressed for the occasion.

Sue: Jenna is hitting the space disco as soon as they dock. I hope she’s wearing sensible shoes.

BreakdownAnd then, thirty minutes into the episode, Julian Glover turns up.

Me: Who’s that, Sue?

Sue: I have no idea – he’s got his back to me. Wait – oh yes! It’s… it’s… it’s him. He’s been in loads of things, including Doctor Who. He’s very good.

I remind her that he likes to get his testicles out on Game of Thrones and she nods sagely.

Sue: He’s very cutting. Can you imagine Avon and this guy living together? Actually, I’d pay good money to see that.

Blake teleports to the Liberator with Professor Kayn.

Blake: Avon, send someone across to collect Professor Kayn’s assistant, will you?

Sue: Stop calling him Avin! No wonder he wants to leave.

Before he teleports to XK-72, Avon asks Vila a very important question.

Avon: Why do you stay with Blake?

Vila: I like him.

Avon: That isn’t a good enough reason.

BreakdownSue: Is Avon planning a mutiny? Is that what’s he’s doing? Sounding out the crew before he decides to stay or go?

Blake escorts Kayn to the medical unit, which is now on video instead of film.

Sue: Make your mind up, for ****’s sake!

Kayn examines Gan with the same sort of disdain that my doctor reserves for complaints about my irritable bowel syndrome.

Kayn: Tell me why this man has a limiter implant.

Sue: Well, in a nutshell, our ship is crewed by convicted sex pests and murderers. It’s very embarrassing but what can you do?

Avon tells Vila that he won’t be coming back to the Liberator.

Sue: He’s going disco dancing with Jenna. The pair of them are going to get trolleyed.

Avon meets with XK-72’s administrator.

Farren: Who are you?

Sue: We’re Blake’s 7 and we’re a bunch of ****wits. Is it OK if I stay with you instead? You wouldn’t believe the idiotic shit we get up to.

Kayn decides to call the nearest Federation base.

BreakdownSue: Just as soon as I finish this game of Candy Crush.

Three Federation pursuit ships respond to Kayn’s call.

Sue: Is it Travis? It’s about bloody time.

Farren asks Avon to move in with him.

Sue: They’ve only just met!

Kayn delays the life-saving operation. He even places his feet on Gan’s operating table, which elicits a very loud tut from Sue.

Sue: The NHS has really gone downhill under the Federation. Blake needs to sort that out. He should put it on his list of things to do.

Vila decides to hurry things along by waving a gun in Kayn’s face.

Sue: Finally! Vila did something heroic. That’s exactly what I was talking about earlier. Vila is human after all.

The Liberator can’t move while the professor operates, even though the Federation are already heading their way.

Sue: I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but this is vaguely exciting. And, unlike some people I could mention, I haven’t been drinking.

Blake threatens to damage Kayn’s hands if he doesn’t cooperate.

Sue: He’s a very polite terrorist, but he’s still a terrorist.

Another doctor named Renor is much more accommodating.

BreakdownSue: They should take this guy with them when they leave. They need a doctor. You can’t fly around space, getting into battles, without a doctor – that would be insane.

Kayn finally agrees to operate on Gan.

Sue: There’s no sense of urgency. I’ve seen Man United take injury time corners quicker than this. And does this mean that Gan is out of warranty now?

Me: It’s the second time he’s been jailbroken this series.

The operation is a success and Blake escorts Kayn off his ship.

Blake: Is there any way we can thank you?

Kayn: You could try getting caught.

Sue: I bet Avon wishes he’d said that. No wonder he can’t wait to get shot of him. There’s only room for one sarky bastard on this ship.

Kayn teleports back to XK-72.

BreakdownSue: Another bracelet gone. They’re practically giving them away now.

Kayn isn’t happy with this turn of events and he takes his anger out on Farren, bludgeoning him to death in a fit of pique.

Sue: That was a bit random. But I suppose it’s difficult for a character to make much sense when he’s on screen for less than ten minutes.

XK-72 is accidentally blown to smithereens by the Federation’s pursuit ships.

Sue: What a waste. They were only a few weeks away from finding a cure for space cancer.

The Federation ships turn towards the Liberator.

Avon: Zen, increase speed to Standard by Eight.

Sue: No! Standard by Twelve, you idiot. Standard by Twelve!

Thankfully, Gan is back to his usual self and all’s well that ends well.

Blake: Oh, by the way, welcome back.

BreakdownThe crew guffaw with laughter.

Sue: How is that even remotely funny? Neil?

Me: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Sorry, what was that?

Cue credits.

The Score:

Sue: That was rubbish, but on some strange level, I enjoyed it. Isn’t that weird? It’s all down to the performances because the plot was utter shite. Yet more faffing about when they should be blowing up the Federation and saving the world and stuff like that. And Gan gives me the creeps now. I wouldn’t like to beam down to a planet with him on my own, that’s for sure.


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  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 3:03 pmPosted 4 years ago

    I believe this was the first episode of Blake’s 7 I saw. Remarkably, I still enjoy the series.

  • February 7, 2014 3:17 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Glen Allen

    Blake: Tell them we’re an experimental ship out of Earth on a proving flight.

    Sue: Whatever you do, don’t tell them I’m a convicted child molester. That never goes down well.

    Love it!

    Please drink more for the next few. I was chuckling away like…well like those lot at the end of this episode. Of course there’s only one of me so I had to do three seperate laughs of varying quality and convincingnessness

  • February 7, 2014 3:21 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Adam Whitehead

    “I’d love to meet Paul Darrow in real life. I bet he’d be a right laugh.”

    What are the odds on getting him to join in for an episode? Or would that disrupt the purity of the experiment?

    • Visit site
      February 7, 2014 3:39 pmPosted 4 years ago
      John Miller

      As long as Sue doesn’t spill his pint it should be fine.

      • Visit site
        February 7, 2014 3:40 pmPosted 4 years ago
        Simon Harries

        Check out the write up of Doctor Who – The Crusade part 1. Neil gets the creeps when people watch his wife… as I found out to my cost.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 3:39 pmPosted 4 years ago

    But you missed my favourite bit! Avon keeps whinging about how difficult it is to fix the computers and he can’t possibly do it and it’s going to take for ever, and next minute Gan stumbles in and pulls something out of the wall, and Avon announces “Auxiliary computers on-line and functioning”!

    The moral of the story is: forget Avon’s supposed whizzo skills. Gan’s much more effective.

    Also, Blake’s “Now you’re just being modest” is the best comeback in the entire series. And all the better because Avon has spent the whole walk back to the flightdeck carefully crafting his line about stupidity, then Blake knocks him back without a moment’s hesitation.

  • February 7, 2014 3:40 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Tom Puree

    No comment on, “This place is full of preddy girls!” which is one of my favourite bad Blake’s 7 lines.

    I think you should end the experiment by inviting Paul Darrow round for tea, with cake in the shape of Scorpio.

    • Visit site
      February 7, 2014 8:00 pmPosted 4 years ago

      “No comment on, “This place is full of preddy girls!” which is one of my favourite bad Blake’s 7 lines.”

      I was waiting for a comment on that as well. It’s the first thing that pops into my head whenever I think of this episode.

      • February 7, 2014 8:01 pmPosted 4 years ago
        Neil Perryman (Author)

        She simply rolled her eyes at that point.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 4:03 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Dave Sanders

    Take two space aspirins and call us in the morning… What do you mean, ‘which planet’s morning’?

    Sue has an eye for vehicles, wonder if she’ll recognize the car in the next episode? The off-screen crash ought to give her a clue.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 4:06 pmPosted 4 years ago

    The vortex thing on this was done much the same way as Disney produced the black hole for – erm – ‘The Black Hole’ – except Disney spent a bit of money and the BBC just pointed a camera down the plughole.

    But well done Sue on practically recognising Julian Glover.

    You really should do the Wife in Space 1999, Sue can sort of recollect Julian Glover in that as well – and Joan Collins.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 4:20 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Dave Sanders

    Sue’s guilty pleasure limiter is malfunctioning. I think the last episode she was subjected to that had such a blatant Scooby Doo ending was The Space Pirates. Make of that what you will.

    • Visit site
      February 7, 2014 5:06 pmPosted 4 years ago
      Dave Sanders

      There’s a thought – if Blakes 7 was a 1970s Hanna-Barbera mystery cartoon show, who would all the crew be?

      Blake: Fred from Scooby-Doo, of course.
      Avon: Alexandra Cabot III from Josie And The Pussycats, or Shelly from Jabberjaw.
      Vila: More like Brenda from Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels than Shaggy, if we’re being honest.
      Cally: Dee-Dee from Captain Caveman.
      Jenna: Taffy from Captain Caveman.
      Gan: Captain Caveman.

      • Visit site
        February 8, 2014 2:40 amPosted 4 years ago
        Dave Sanders

        It gets more difficult later on since there aren’t any HB mystery characters you could call ‘trigger-happy’ unless you count Scrappy-Doo, who is clearly Tarrant.

        • February 8, 2014 9:21 amPosted 4 years ago
          John Callaghan

          Orac might be Yogi Bear: “smarter than your average box of flashing lights!”

          • Visit site
            February 8, 2014 1:47 pmPosted 4 years ago
            Dave Sanders

            Series Two Travis is Paul Lynde as the Hooded Claw.

  • February 7, 2014 4:49 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Philip Ayres

    Never mind Jullian Glover, did she recognise the wall behind him ???

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 5:48 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Sean Alexander


    Anyone else reminded of ‘Spock’s Brain’ watching this? Just me then.

    The best character in the whole episode is Renal (Failure?) who comes on to Jenna like some latter-day Austin Powers. Shag-a-delic baby?

    And of course Avon – not to mention Paul Darrow – make it at least watchable: his cynicism acts as a welcome counterpoint to Boy Scout Blake’s blandness. Though Blake does get the nastiest line: ‘I will destroy your hands’; and I’ve no idea why Julian (Kane) Glover just stares at said appendages while the missiles close in.

    And yes, not only is Paul Darrow a very funny man, but he’s also an absolutely lovely person. No airs and graces.

    On the whole though ‘Breakdown’ is series one treading oceans of water. You’re basically waiting for Travis to turn up for the fun to begin.

    • Visit site
      February 8, 2014 1:49 pmPosted 4 years ago

      Glover’s staring at his hands because they’re meant to be the hands of a healer and he’s just murdered someone with them (whilst angry that they’ve been threatened and touched, the life-giving things that they supposedly are).

      Or maybe, as a glover, it’s something to do with nominative determinism…

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 6:14 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Richard Lyth

    If this was supposed to be a big spotlight episode for Gan, it fails miserably, as he spends the entire episode either comatose or mindlessly attacking everyone. They should have had him meeting an old flame or falsely accused of murder, like in every other SF show that tries to give secondary characters more screen time.

    Sue’s right about the randy doctor, they should definitely have kept him on board. Every starship-based show needs a doctor, and he’s already a lot more three-dimensional than most of the rest of the crew.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 6:36 pmPosted 4 years ago

    ‘Can you imagine Avon and this guy living together? Actually, I’d pay good money to see that.’

    Paul Darrow and Julian Glover did co-star in the BBC 1983 serial of Dombey And Son, of course…

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 7:49 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Steve Trimingham

    You really have to re-evaluate this series, and consider what you feel about it now and how the memory cheats back to the 70’s. I loved it’s rebel passion and moral ambiguity then. Now, it’s hard to look past the poor writing for the female characters, slow pace and obvious plotlines.

    Just to add, I really appreciate this blog and love every update. Watching along with you two is a revelation and this is the only blog that makes me laugh out loud.

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 7:58 pmPosted 4 years ago

    Gan’s big episode! I imagine David Jackson calling his agent for chat immediately after reading the script.
    I read somewhere a long time ago that Terry ****ig Nation’s original idea was a fight to the death between Gan and another Gan! Presumably Chris Boucher told him that was just silly, but it might have been more fun for Jackson.

    • February 8, 2014 1:21 amPosted 4 years ago
      John Callaghan

      Gan vs Gan, with the music being the Can-Can.

      • Visit site
        February 8, 2014 1:51 pmPosted 4 years ago

        But would Gan-bury-Gan? (Tolkien non-joke)…

  • February 7, 2014 8:11 pmPosted 4 years ago

    Sue’s sum-up sums it up for me as well. The standoff with Julian Glover is pretty great, it’s just what gets us to that point that’s so hard to sit through.

    Sue: Stop calling him Avin! No wonder he wants to leave.

    Does this mean Sue pronounces Avon’s name to rhyme with “Hey Mon”?

    • Visit site
      February 8, 2014 1:51 pmPosted 4 years ago

      As a Welshman you’d expect Gareth Thomas’s pronunciation of Avon/Afon to be the only correct one!

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 9:33 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Sally M

    As I understand it the episode was written for David Jackson (Gan), specifically to be All About Him.

    And he spent it strapped down on a gurney while it became All About Avon instead 🙂 which was a Good Thing yes… however, this was the one where Cally definitely proved (as I suspected) what a drip she was.

    What’s next? Bounty? I rather love that one, and am waiting breathlessly for Sue’s reaction…

  • Visit site
    February 7, 2014 9:42 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Mat Dolphin

    If they’d arrived at
    the space station much earlier in the episode then it might have been at least average…

  • Visit site
    February 8, 2014 4:48 amPosted 4 years ago
    Thomas Bush

    Glad that Sue’s finally warming to Vila. Avon may be a right bastard, but it’s hard NOT to like him!

    Btw, it’s XK-72.

    • February 8, 2014 1:26 pmPosted 4 years ago
      Neil Perryman (Author)

      So it is. I’ve fixed it. How the hell did I manage that? 😉

  • Visit site
    February 8, 2014 1:25 pmPosted 4 years ago

    These reviews are brilliant. I can’t wait to see what Sue makes of “Voice From the Past”.

  • Visit site
    February 8, 2014 3:42 pmPosted 4 years ago

    A fair review and rating for this filler episode though the second half is oddly quite enjoyable and well acted.

    The next eppy is a bit of an odd one too.

  • Visit site
    February 9, 2014 3:14 pmPosted 4 years ago

    Aaah, I thought the title and numbers would soon raise their ugly head (Sue: So is that computer one of the crew now, like Zen? Is that seven now?).
    Did anyone actually ever decide who (or what the seven were)?
    Did Blake himself count as one of the 7, or are the 7 the one’s who hang around with him?
    If Zen and Orac count, why not the Liberator, or Scorpio? (And before anyone says anything, yes I know that Zen and Orac could count, because they were computers….)
    So many questions, so little time….because we crawl around the Universe travelling at Standard by seven…….AHA That’s it!!

    • Visit site
      February 9, 2014 7:37 pmPosted 4 years ago

      According to Trevor Hoyle’s novelisation of the original scripts, the Seven were Blake, Jenna, Vila, Avon, Gan, Cally and Zen. Orac got added and soon after Gan went. Then Blake and Avon left but Dayna and Tarrant took their places, and when Cally went Soolin came in. As someone said at the time, “The Queen’s Hussars are still the Queen’s Hussars even when the Queen isn’t present”, so they remained Blake’s since he started the whole rebellion thing.

      • Visit site
        February 10, 2014 12:02 amPosted 4 years ago

        But does the Queen cout as one of the Queen’s Hussars? Just wondering…..

        • Visit site
          February 10, 2014 12:02 amPosted 4 years ago

          “count” even

          • Visit site
            February 10, 2014 12:31 amPosted 4 years ago

            She’s the Colonel-in-Chief of every regiment in the British Army I think, so probably counts as a member of all of them 🙂

          • Visit site
            February 10, 2014 12:32 amPosted 4 years ago

            And I presume Slave “replaced” Zen (though not in our hearts, *sob!*).

      • Visit site
        February 10, 2014 3:09 pmPosted 4 years ago

        Sorry to be pendantic, but Dayna and Tarrant replaced Blake & Janna, not Blake & Avon.

        Plus in the “real world”, it was nice seeing Josette Simon in ‘Death in Paradise’ a fortnight ago.

        • Visit site
          February 10, 2014 3:18 pmPosted 4 years ago

          …or even Jenna (Lousy typing!)

          • Visit site
            February 12, 2014 12:34 amPosted 4 years ago

            You’re right, slip of the mind – of course Jenna’s makeup was from the Avon lady 🙂

  • Visit site
    February 11, 2014 5:36 amPosted 4 years ago

    Right! That’s it then: Sue Perryman and Paul Darrow MUST meet. I want to see a video webcast of the two of them having a right laugh down the pub. Let it be thus.

    Actually, if we all wished hard enough and said “Avon” at the same time, ermm… that’d do the trick, would’t it?

    • Visit site
      February 11, 2014 6:20 amPosted 4 years ago
      John Miller

      No. Because we’d all be pronouncing “Avon” differently.

      • Visit site
        February 11, 2014 9:43 pmPosted 4 years ago

        Especially if the French are involved. We might get an aeroplane instead! (Avion)

  • February 12, 2014 3:47 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Paul Mudie

    “Sue: Just turn him off and back on again.

    Me: Turning Gan on is the last thing you want to do. Trust me.”

    This made me chortle!

    I feel that Sue has the measure of the programme now and is coming to terms with its absurdity. 🙂

  • Visit site
    March 4, 2014 6:24 amPosted 4 years ago

    “Sue: Finally! Vila did something heroic. ”

    Who was it who ran after an armed Fed guard before knocking him out in ‘Seek-Locate-Destroy’?

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