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March 6, 2020
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4 Reasons for Using Dog Kennels when You have a Fenced Yard

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Many people who use dog kennels do so to keep their dog contained because they do not have a fenced in yard, and believe it is cruel to keep their dog chained to a tree or yard stake. Chaining up a dog can have some real negative affects on him. Among other things, it can make him angry and cause him to misbehave, it can make him anxious and pull when on walks, and it can be dangerous for your dogs health if he gets tangled up in his chain, or wound around an object and lose his mobility. So having a kennel is a no-brainer if you do not have a fence, but what if you do have a fenced yard? Here are four reasons why you may also want to use a dog kennel.
  1. If you have a garden, the last thing you want is your dog running through and causing damage in your flower and vegetable beds. Dogs can be trained to stay out of certain areas. For example, our dog is not allowed in the kitchen and he knows it (he knows where the kitchen is and stays out). If there is anywhere else I do not want him to be, I just have to tell him, "Buddy, out of the kitchen", and he will stay out of that area. But if your dog does not easily recognize boundaries, or your garden does not have a definable boundary, having a dog kennel to keep your furry friend when you are not home is a great option. He can still run free to play with the kids or when you are gardening.
  2. Family and friend get togethers and BBQ's. Though some people don't think anything of it, many people find a begging dog rude. So if you have guests over for an outdoor BBQ, you should be sensitive to others feelings about having a dog roam free while you are eating. Dog kennels work great in this situation. Your dog can still be part of the activities, but be put in his kennel when it is time to eat.
  3. Fearful friends. Not all people like dogs, and some young children can be fearful of them if they have not been raised with one. Especially if the dog is as big as them or larger. Be sensitive to your children's friends when they are over to play. Some will speak up, others will not, so kenneling your dog until a new visitor has a chance to acclimate to your pet is a really good idea. And if there is a fear and you are sensitive to it, that friend will feel like he can come and visit without any worry.
  4. A digger or destructive dog. Some breeds have a natural instinct to dig, others dig out of boredom. Young dogs (up to 2 years) can be destructive, especially when teething, though some dogs remain that way for years (also often due to boredom). If you have a dog that is wreaking havoc on you yard, then dog kennels are a perfect solution for you. You can let your dog loose in your yard when you are home and have a chance to keep an eye on him, giving you an opportunity to teach him better manners.
By using dog kennels in these and others situations, your dog will be happier than constantly getting in trouble. It also gives him a place that is his own, a place where he feels safe, his own den, which is invaluable to a dogs sense of well being. So even if you have a yard, dog kennels can serve a great purpose for you and your pet.


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