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August 10, 2020
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Build A Chicken Coop and Show Her You Are A Handyman

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Life in a farm is appealing to some people. The ease of farm life is an idea that is well coveted by some people. The thought of having things that can allow you to live independently of markets is a very good idea especially if you have a background in farming or raising livestock. Having your own garden with different types of vegetables assures you that you and your family get the freshest salads everyday. Tending the garden and tasting the fruits of your labor gives a sense of fulfillment. Also, the sound that chicken make in the morning is particularly refreshing. This is the promise of farm life. However, you do not need to be miles away to have all these.

A fruitful garden is really easy to have if you have a wide side or back yard. With a big yard, you can raise chickens in order to fulfill your dream of fresh poultry. Naturally, you will have to build a chicken coop.

As a guide to build a chicken coop, you can follow the following suggestions.

1. Document a plan for your coop. The first step you should take is to make a rough sketch of your ideas for the coop. Make sure your rough drafts for the coop include major details like its color, size, shape and anything else that contributes to the overall picture. If your design blends in nicely with its environment, you can avoid complaints from neighbors saying that it is distracting to them.

2. Keep functionality in mind. Build a chicken coop in a way that all concerns that you have surrounding ease of use and convenience are addressed in your design. How the doors open (to the inside or outside) and the slope of the floor for cleaning purposes are examples of things you need to consider.

3. The security of your poultry is important, too. A major factor in chicken coop design is protecting your chickens from becoming prey or being killed by severe weather. Installing windows and doors that open and close easily provide better security if you want to build a chicken coop correctly. Screens will add to the security of your design, as will an adequate drainage system. If you build a chicken coop on high ground facing the sun, you can make the most of natural lighting and warm up your chickens in colder temperatures. The installation of chicken wire around the entire coop at least one foot into and out of the ground will ensure the protection of your poultry from predators that could otherwise dig their way into your coop/

4. Proper ventilation. If you don't have air flow in mind when you build a chicken coop, you could potentially suffocate your chickens.

5. How you are going to feed your chickens. Feeders and an adequate watering method need to be installed so your flock can be given the proper nutrition.

Now that you have the design in mind, you can start listing the materials you will need to build chicken coop. So go on with your shopping and get to work. Don't make the chickens wait!


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