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November 4, 2020
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Garden Finials - A Finishing Touch To Your Landscape Design

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So you have planted all the right shrubs and flowers to make your yard an inviting retreat. It is full of lush colors and greenery and sweet smells. Although it may seem perfect a little something extra will really make it pop. Sure you could go with a garden gnome or two or even a ceramic snail or turtle, but if you really want a little sparkle, garden finials are the way to go.

The most common type of finial is the ball finial. Made of stone or copper they can be used to mark the corners of your property or be placed atop picket fence posts for a decorative look. Some round finials have points on top creating an exclamation point in your landscaping design. Their warm copper glow will change to a beautiful turquoise patina as the years go by creating a truly eye-catching spot in your yard.

If you want something a little more fun than a ball and a point you can find garden finials in other shapes. Go buggy with a praying mantis one or make your yard a hoppy place with a frog shaped one. If you have a pond you might want a dragonfly finial as they hang out near the water. Place a hummingbird one in a flower patch for a bit of natural beauty or try a spider one near some shrubs for a fun look. All of these wonderful finials are available in copper or an antiqued, patinated finish.

Finials are a great way to add instant style to your yard or garden. They are ideal for topping gateway columns to create a much more elegant entry. You can add them to pre-existing posts on an ordinary wood board fence. Larger finials, particularly those in fun shapes or with a great deal of detailing can stand alone amongst plants or upon a pedestal or tall stake to raise them up a foot or two for greater visibility.

No matter what shape or size of finials you choose you are sure to find one or more that will spice up the look of your yard and garden. Whether you want to point out the entrance to your garden path or just add a bit of whimsy by the pond you'll easily find the finial you are dreaming of when you shop online. Rather than relying on the minimal selections in your local stores you can see the largest variety of finials with a few clicks of the mouse. And within moments they will be on their way to your door.

So whether you want an eight-legged pal amongst the hollyhocks or a fluttering little friend for your roses you'll find it in a garden finial. Don't get frustrated when your gnomes and turtles get covered by growth instead give your garden some glitter that stands out at eye level with decorative finials. Whether they are the finishing touch to your formal English garden or just a little something extra for your small backyard paradise you'll fall in love with the luster of garden finials as they grace your yard with timeless elegance.


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