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May 6, 2020
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Bird Houses Buying Guide

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You love birds or you want to make your garden a cheerful place by inviting many birds to nest in it? No matter what is the reason if you are reading these lines you are serious about buying a bird house.

There is a great choice of bird houses both at the online shops and the conventional stores. Although many of the bird houses advertised there will look nice, there are several things to consider before you buy one.

Which are the typical nesting birds for your garden or for the area where you plan to hang the bird house? This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you are new to the whole bird houses idea you probably do not know that certain styles of bird houses appeal to certain bird species. Study the inhabitants of your garden and make a list of the most common birds you have there.

Once you have the list decide if you will try to attract only some of the species or you will try to create cozy homes for all. This will give you an idea what type of bird houses you are after.

The next step is to examine carefully each bird house you consider to buy. Some may look amazing but may not have all the features of a good bird house. The first thing to look after is the material of which the bird house is build. It should be made of wood or metal and be chemicals free. If the bird house is painted make sure it is painted with a water based paint.

Than look into the details of the bird house. The entrance hole size should be enough for the bird to enter but not too large. Usually holes with diameter 1, 1 1/2 inches are best. The perch is another thing to consider. The natural holes in wood do not have perches so the birds will not need them actually. It is up to your taste if you are buying a bird house with or without a perch. However, bear in mind that the perch is sometimes harmful as it helps predator birds to take over the nest.

The inner dimensions of the house are important too. You need to take a house that will provide enough space for the young birds to develop. The floor size should be at least four inches and the height should be at least five.

Finally look for a bird house that can open so that the old nests can be removed. It should also have good ventilation and drainage holes to allow water to drain out.

Once you have chosen the best bird house go back to your yard and hang it. Have in mind that each bird specie requires different hanging height for their bird house so keep this in mind when choosing the spot.


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