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August 20, 2020
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Covered Decks: Protection and Beauty

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Decks are favorite Summer time hangouts; but the fun can be spoiled when it rains or the sun beats down. With the protection of a covered deck, you can still enjoy the summer even at its hottest or in the rain. Not only do covered decks provide valuable shelter and shade, but they give your backyard and home a brand-new look.

Partially and Completely-Covered Decks

When it comes to covered decks, they can either be completely or partially covered. Completely covered decks are good choices for those who want to avoid the sun's rays as much as possible. Having a deck contractor install a partially covered deck is a great idea for several reasons. First, there are days when even the biggest sun worshippers need a little shade. Having a partially covered deck is great when you want to take a break from sunbathing or when the temperature is too high to enjoy sitting out in the sun. A partially-covered deck is also a great way to make your outdoor furniture and barbeque last longer by protecting them from the elements.

Covered Decks: Roof Styles

The roofs of most covered decks are supported by posts that are often the same color and material as the deck itself. When it comes to covered decks, there are a variety of roof styles available. Some covered decks have a pergola-style roof, which provides some shade but does not totally block the sun or rain. Often, however, the roofs of covered decks are solid structures, much like you would find on a verandah.

Covered decks often have flat roofs or gable roofs. Like the supporting posts, covered deck roofs can be constructed of the same material as the deck (usually wood or composite material). Asphalt, ceramic, metal, or other types of roof tiles may be used, and this is often dependent on the type of roof tiles that appear on the house.

Covered Decks Can Be Private Areas

One aspect that people overlook during the deck design and installation process is the amount of privacy that their deck will provide, and that can be a mistake. If there's a hot tub on your deck, for example, feeling like all the neighbors can see you definitely isn't a pleasant feeling. Covered decks, however, can provide a greater feeling of privacy than regular decks. Solid, high railings and a relatively low, solid roof will give you the feeling of being in your own private room.


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