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16 Jun 20
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Backyard Beverage Holder - Best Partner For Lawn Parties
Hosting a cocktail party in your private lawn is one of the coolest things to do. And who says throwing cocktail parties in the house were the trend in late 1960s and 1970s. Their popularity has also gained momentum in the recent years actually. Throw a cocktail party and you can win the heart of all your guests.
27 Jun 20
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Before The Dog Bites
What is the main motivation when a dog bites? Normally dogs do not bite, not by nature. There are some circumstances that can be avoided and watched for to prevent a dog bite from ever happening. Dogs are known as Mans best friend and I will always believe that to be true if they are loved and trained properly. There are a lot of dog bites every year, more than 4.7 million.
10 Aug 20
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Build A Chicken Coop and Show Her You Are A Handyman
Life in a farm is appealing to some people. The ease of farm life is an idea that is well coveted by some people. The thought of having things that can allow you to live independently of markets is a very good idea especially if you have a background in farming or raising livestock.
23 Sep 20
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Camping Lanterns Have Come a Long Way
There are many different camping lanterns to choose from today. No longer are you stuck with just one style, the traditional green lantern with kerosene, there are many, many to choose from. Lantern types - Candle lanterns - the use of candles in lanterns have gone way back and are still used today.
11 Oct 20
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Candle Lanterns Are A Perfect Way To Light Your Backyard Party
Throwing a Renaissance festival in your backyard? Maybe you are celebrating Bastille Day in honor of the French Revolution. Or perhaps you simply want your backyard to reflect an Asian inspired or Old West theme.
04 Nov 20
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Garden Finials - A Finishing Touch To Your Landscape Design
So you have planted all the right shrubs and flowers to make your yard an inviting retreat. It is full of lush colors and greenery and sweet smells. Although it may seem perfect a little something extra will really make it pop. Sure you could go with a garden gnome or two or even a ceramic snail or turtle, but if you really want a little sparkle, garden finials are the way to go.
16 Nov 20
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Garden Planters - The Tips You Need To Know To Grow Vegetables In Them
If you're itching to get your green thumb on, but want to do more than grow flowers, you should consider your own vegetable and fruit gardens. You may be thinking your backyard doesn't have good enough soil to grow great vegetables and fruits. That may be true, but you still don't have to give up. Instead, create a better yard, through garden planters.
27 Nov 20
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Grab a Book and Your Honey and Spend Some Time in Your Caribbean Jumbo Hammock
Just imagine yourself stretched out in your Caribbean Jumbo Hammock listening to the ocean waves as they lap against the shore. Of course the breeze is having its way with your hammock and rocking you back and forth softly lulling you into a peaceful mindset.
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